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Title : Navigating HMRC rules for Taxatation of Indian Income and Assets
Topic : Timing 5 Pm to 7 PM London time
Date & Day : 27-08-2020 to 27-08-2020
Time : 17:00
CPE Hrs. : 2 Hrs.
Venue : as per inside circular
Faculty : as per inside circular
Registration Fees: Free
Registration Date: 19-08-2020 To 27-08-2020
Description :

speaker - Amit Puri - ex senior HM Inspector of Taxes, Grade 6 at the time of departure in early 2015. Amit undertook and passed HMRC’s renowned internal Inspector Development Program in full, referred to as Fully Technically Qualified (‘FT’) generally. While it was a newer fast-tracked course in 2004 it still took 4.5 years of full-time studying whilst working, non-stop. Amit achieved a Double First (Joint Honours) Bachelor’s degree from Middlesex University in 2002, in Information & Communications Technology and Business Intelligence Systems.


HMRC’s risk assessments and approaches, specifically re international ‘financial accounts’ information exchange (i.e. the CRS);
· HMRC’s corresponding offshore/non-UK tax disclosure facilities and ‘nudge’ campaigns;
· What this means for UK residents, whether still non-doms or newly deemed doms, e.g. remittance basis v arising basis (and DTR);
· Estate planning basics for UK IHT
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